How To Make A Popsicle Stick Photo Frame! 

Making a photo frame out of popsicle sticks is a great way to let your imagination shine. You can decorate this with just about anything from seashells to stickers, army men, old puzzle pieces and even macaroni. 

Materials and tools you will need: 

Popsicle Sticks



Paint and paint brushes or markers/crayons

Anything you would like to decorate your frame with

A Picture to place in the frame.


                             Step 1: Create your frame. Using 4 popsicle sticks make a square and                                  glue only the corners together. Let that Dry a bit before you try to                                        decorate. 


                                                         Step 2: Decorate your frame! Paint it, add glitter or                                                              stickers. Add anything you'd like and let it dry. 


                                                                                             Step 3: Glue the string on the                                                                                                  back of your frame. You may

                                                                                             want to place a piece of tape

                                                                                             over the string to add extra

                                                                                             support for hanging.  

Step 4: Place glue on the back side of your frame. All the way around then place your picture facing down ontop of the glue. Let it dry, sit back and admire your handywork.