Super Easy & Super Fun. Make and Race your Sailboat today! 


Note: Ice cubes take about 3 to 4 hours to freeze. So be sure to make these early in the morning or the night before you are ready to play with them.  

Materials and Tools you will need: 

Ice Cube Tray



Hole Puncher 





Step 1: Cut out your triangles for your boat sails. You dont want these too big or your boat will flip over. A good rule is make the bottom of the sail about as long as your ice cube. 

Step 2: Punch holes in the top and bottom of your sail

Step 3: Fill your ice cube tray with water and put it in the freezer on a shelf that is easy for you to reach. 

Step 4: Cut each straw in half and carefully insert it into the center of each ice cube cavity.   

Step 5: Once your ice is completely frozen, Insert your straw thru the holes in the paper like the picture. (An easy way to do this is take the top of your triangle and bend it down to the bottom. Now match up your holes and insert the straw then let go.) 

Enjoy your boat races!