Grow Your Own

Fruit & Veggie Garden

Let's Grow A Garden Together! 

Growing a fruit and vegetable garden can be one of the greatest accomplishments. It takes alot of hardwork, dedication and patience but the end result is very gratifying. As with any life form, plants have needs. You will have to spend some time with your plants, feed them, water them and watch them grow. Don't worry about those details right now though, we will go thru the process together.  

Here is what we will need to get started: 

Choose one of the following: 

Always remember: Reusing an old container is reducing waste. It is the best way to recycle.

If you choose a Milk Jug or Soda bottle, ask an adult to cut the top off for you. Take a look at the pictures. They should be cut where the dotted lines are. 

Empty Egg Carton


Empty Milk Jug 


Planting Pot 


Empty Soda Bottle

Garden/ Pottng Soil      Seeds              Water


Do you have your supplies ready? GOOD! Let's get going. 


Get your container, we decided to use an egg carton






Now, fill your container with your potting soil









Get your seeds









We are almost finished! Here is the really important part: 

Poke a hole in the center of the soil about the depth of your finger nail. 

Then Place your Seeds in the hole and cover them up. 













Grab your water and lightly add water ontop of your soil. 


















Sit your seedlings in direct sun, keep them warm and water them daily. 

In a few days you will see them start to sprout. Check out the picture below for the

early life of a plant and what you can expect to see.


















You are well on your way to having a great                                                       


             would love to see the progress

you have made on your Garden.

We will be adding a special page just to showcase all of your hard work! 

So send us your pictures!






























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Fruit & Veggie Garden