Here are some easy, healthy snacks. These can be pre-made and stored

for a quick grab and go or made on demand because they are super easy to make! 

Do you L      ve Rice Pudding? 

Well I have a healthy alternative for you! Get some Low fat vanilla yogurt, add  some raisins and sprinkle the top with cinnamon. Thats it! Quick, easy, healthy and a huge hit with the kids. Who can ask for any more than that?  

Easy Healthy Snacks 

Apples, Honey & Blue Cheese 

Say What?? Blue cheese!              


Yes, just try it!  It is delightful. Mix a little blue cheese and honey in a small bowl. Cut your apple into slices and spread some cheesy honey on your apple slice and enjoy!  - TaDaa!! Healthy Snack!  


Bugs on a Log 

Ok, every kid that I know loves this recipe. Celery sticks, cleaned and cut to about 3 inches. Put some peanut butter in the celery stick and add rasins or blueberries. Thats it! This is a good recipe to make with the kids. Let them build their logs. 

Banana Dolphins

Banana Dolphins are a great surprise for any kid! Super fun and super easy. All you need is prepared jello (I like blue jello, it looks like water) Bananas and Grapes and a black marker. Scoop some jello in to a small cup, slice thru the banana about 3/4 down leaving the peel intact. Slice the banana stem in half to look like the mouth of a dolphin and insert a grape. Color the tip of the banana stem black and make some eyes. Simple right?! 

Nutty Pretzel Wands 

This is a good one to let the kids make on their own. With only 3 ingredients they will be done in a snap. Grab your pretzel sticks, dip or roll the tops in peanut butter then roll the peanut butter area in crushed nuts of your choice. This is a snack that is packed with protein. 

Fruit               Kabobs

Fruit Kabobs are always great for the grab and go. A summer staple in many homes. These can be served fresh or frozen for those really hot days. Worried about giving the little ones a kabob stick? Place your cut fruit in a zip lock bag and have them ready to go in the front of the fridge. Quick and easy always wins with the kiddos. 

Quick and easy is always the summertime motto. Here is a tip to not only get your kids eating healthy but also reduce the time spent at the fridge looking for snacks. Simple Grab -n- go bags. Not only can you make sure they are getting the proper portions but grab-n-go snacks will reduce the time spent finding and preparing them as well.  Small zip lock baggies work great for this. Once you have the snacks all packaged up place them in a drawer or tupperware that is just for snacks, this way the kids know exactly where to find them. 

Tips & Tricks for Parents

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